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Stop looking! Boston Microblading is here to save the day! Boston Microblading can make your makeup phenomenal and be completely permanent along with your eyebrows! Let's make the magic happen and we will tell you how we can do it!

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Microblading Boston MA

Hey there friends! Welcome! Microblading Eyebrows Boston and Permanent Makeup Boston is all part of our Microblading Boston Company! We make all the worries that you have in the morning go away!

Tell us, are you tired of worrying about your eyebrows and making them just right? Or worrying about your makeup smudging or becoming faint throughout the day and all your work has gone to waste? Well, we can solve all those problems for you with a permanent solution.

The products and equipment we provide can make you have a full face of makeup all day every day if you choose and we will tell you how by telling you what services we provide and how they work throughout our article.

Just the main big and popular services we provide are:

  • Permanent makeup
  • Microblading eyebrows
  • Microblading eyebrows
  • Eyebrow tattoos
  • And much more!

About Microblading Boston

Our goal for every one of our customers is to meet if not exceed their expectations of what they are wanting to be done for the new look that we would be providing for them. We find it very important to take the time with our customers and to talk with them.

We want to be able to see what they see so then we are perfectly envisioning what they want. We also need to know exactly what they want so then if we may have a better route they may want to go through our professional eye so that we give them the opportunity for it. If not that is fine as well, but it is our job to provide all information possible for our clients.

So as you can see communication is key in our store that we run. We also expect our workers to treat each other and our customers with the utmost respect. We want a safe and toxic-free environment. If our customers want something extreme then we make it happen with no judgment.

Our company is by far the best with our service and our products. We have a great customer service team that knows all the right steps and moves for any kind of scenario that they may encounter. We want to keep the customer as happy as possible so if they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out it is our job to relieve them of it and to try to calm them down.

We are well known for our kindness at our work and for having our product and equipment kept in the best of shape possible. Our customers love knowing that when they come to us that everything is clean and sanitized and ready to go for them and also that we are always friendly and ready to go for them.

Why Choose Microblading Boston?

Microblading Eyebrows Boston MA has so many perks to it as to why our customers choose us over other company’s every single time. They love what we can provide for them and that we don’t rush their appointments. We take our time with each one of them and make sure they are aware of the importance of their appointment.

This is not just a simple haircut where it can grow out. A lot of what we do is a permanent solution so it is KEY for us to provide them the best of the best! In every single way possible we want them to feel pleased and happy and not feel let down. Permanent Makeup Boston is a huge factor in how we see our customers as a canvas.

We are doing actual art on them and it is important to enhance and to perfect the art, not to ruin it. This isn’t a rough draft. This is the final draft, so nothing should ever be out of place.

Just some things to know that are important about the company are:

  • We are organized
  • We have a step by step process for everything
  • We like to be efficient with our time without rushing
  • Free estimates
  • Upbeat environment
  • Communication is number one along with having our customers be our priority
  • Best Microblading in Boston

We have been around helping our community for several years. Permanent Makeup Boston MA and Boston Permanent Makeup have both been huge factors of how we help the people in our community! We are there to make them feel better in their skin and to feel like they are getting the spots off them perfected that they aren’t quite happy with.

You can call us at any time during hours to set up an appointment with us! We will give you your free estimate and answer any further questions that you may have for us over the phone!

What to Expect from Microblading Boston

We hold everything to a high standard in our company. That includes everything possible. We expect our workers to always have their A-Game and to always be doing their best and trying their very hardest. We don’t tolerate bad attitudes or bad behavior. We expect respect at all times and for our employees to leave their personal lives at home when they come to work and have their work face on.

We keep our equipment and products ready and fresh at all times as well. If something is old, out of date, yucky looking or just not looking professional anymore we toss it. We take great pride in our company and that means taking care of our things. Throwing out the old and bringing in the new.

When receiving our company's service it is a super simple process. When you call us up and set up an appointment we will answer any further questions that you may have over the phone and also will give you your free estimate.

When you show up for your appointment be prepared to know exactly what you are wanting so that you can tell us and show us what that is. We want to see what you see and to make magic! We want to meet or exceed your expectations! We want you to leave happy!

See how simple that is? Some things need a follow-up appointment, but it will always be there in the same steps! Just be ready to have a life-changing experience because that is what many have had from us!

Our Services

boston microblading services

Microblading Eyebrows Boston

Microblading is a simple, but yet the complex thing was done to your eyebrows that should only ever be left to professionals. Professionals use the handheld tool to scratch short strokes into your eyebrow throughout the entire thing to make them completely even and make them look natural and real! This is an all-time favorite of our clients.

boston permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup Boston

Permanent makeup is any kind of face makeup you can imagine used on you that is completely permanent. It is a tattoo just like eyebrow tattoos. Customers are very fond of our permanent eyeliner.

boston eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow Tattoos Boston

Eyebrow tattoos are exactly what the name states. It is a tattoo brow. Anyone that has had a tattoo knows exactly what this is like. This is a permanent eyebrow that you don’t have to touch up. Tattoo eyebrows are permanent eyebrows. They don’t look natural like microshading or microblading eyebrows do.

boston permanent makeup

Microshading Boston

Microshading eyebrows are where a handheld tool holds the pigment that will be used on your eyebrows to scratch little dots into the thinner areas of your eyebrow to make them even out and more full. Microshading does give off the illusion of having natural eyebrows.

Customer Reviews

I looked up microblading near me and found Microblading Boston! They turned out to be such a lifesaver salon! Their work is amazing and they are such great professionals at everything that they do. Microblading brows are what I had them do for me and the work they did was phenomenal! I will never be going back to coloring in my eyebrows again!

Katie P.

I looked up things like tattoo eyebrows near me, eyebrow near me, microblading eyebrows near me, permanent makeup near me, etc, and every single time Microblading Boston popped up as the best results for all of these factors! I decided to give them a chance. I got Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos and they did such a splendid job and I just love knowing they won’t smudge and that I don’t have to spend another penny on my eyebrows! Thank you!

Justice J.

My friends recommended Microblading Boston to me when I looked up eyebrow tattoos near me. They told me that they did the best microblading in Boston! Also that they do a great job at everything else they do too, not just microblading. I scheduled an appointment for them to tattoo my eyebrows and to do permanent eyeliner and wow just wow! I can’t wait to go back for something else! Thank you Micorbalding Boston!

Cameron K.

About Boston

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. Boston is known for its baked beans, Fenway Park, and the marathon that they run. They are also famous for their bad from the show “Cheers”.

The sales tax rate is 6.3% and the sales tax rate is 5.1%. The unemployment rate is 2.8%. The job growth rate is currently at 4.3% and future job growth is seen to become 42.5%. The population of Boston is 694,583. The cities and towns nearby surrounding Boston area are:

  • Cambridge, MA
  • Somerville, MA
  • Brookline, MA
  • Everett, MA
  • Chelsea, MA
  • Jamaica Plain, MA
  • Charlestown, MA
  • Allston, MA
  • Many other areas!

Questions and Answers!

What is microblading?

Microblading is where a tool is used to scratch short strokes in your eyebrow area to fill them out and give them a thick and sharp look to them. They look real and natural and give our customers confidence in their eyebrows again.

How long does microblading last?

Eyebrow blading will last anywhere from 18 to 30 months straight till the pigment completely fades.

How much is microblading?

Microblading costs 700 to 800 dollars. Touch-ups are anywhere from 100 to 200 dollars depending on how much needs to be done.

Do you have to touch up permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a tattoo so like any tattoo the color will slightly fade over time, so if you want the color darker and more prominent then yes, but other than that no.

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We are happy to be here on your journey to get you on the road of bigger and better things and doing what makes you happy. Call Microblading Boston today!


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